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A small company providing big solutions to police and public safety. Apps, websites, dashboards, and more...


What WiredBlue Does:

Our approach and mission is to innovate Public Safety and Police Technology with new ideas, apps, software, and platforms.

MyPD - My Police Department App

The My Police Department app has led the way since 2011. The original police app.

Public Safety Websites

We provide website services to police and law enforcement. Website Design and High End Hosting

Police Technology Consulting

We consult with Police Departments on Technology and Projects that improve their future goals

Police Innovation Conference

The Police Innovation Conference has been held on two occasions with attendess from around the world.


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Why Choose WiredBlue?

Easy To Use

We provide simple solutions that get the job done


Part of our mission is low cost. Compare what we offer; all the features, half the price.

Social Mission

Focused on data privacy. Citizens choose what to share, no account needed.


We have learned a lot since we started. We are focused on improving and creating...

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WiredBlue is the perfect partner for your next app, website, or consulting project

WiredBlue Police Tech Software App

WiredBlue provides a number of different services, police apps, and platforms to public safety and law enforcement agencies. We are best known for the My Police Department app, as well as the Police Innovation Conference.

We have other new solutions launching soon, including a dashboard solution for public safety agencies.

We encourage police departments to contact us with any questions, compare us, and don’t forget to sign up for our email newsletter.