Take A Look At MyPD And Compare Us To Some Of The other Police Apps Out There.

It all comes down to Features, Cost, Security, and Support

Let us start off by saying there are some great apps and solutions out there.  If you are looking for a tip only solution with a management system you should definitely look around at your options.  Our goal is to give your agency and public well-designed, useful solutions, that are priced well and provide value.  We believe your agency is more than just a tip repository, you have a lot to offer your community.  We are not trying to sell you on some solution or software that takes time to manage and costs thousands and thousands of dollars.  We figure you already have a CAD or RMS to manage things like tracking tips, etc….

As you can see from our features, MyPD is about providing useful tools for your public, without the large support contracts and keeping your management effort to a minimum.  Using our platforms allows you to have a 3rd party solution ensuring public privacy, while also including software/app support and new future features.

Our products are available for a nominal fee without any multi-year contract requirements. We know that there is nothing worse than being stuck with a product that is not working for you, but you cannot drop it due to your initial large investment. You won’t find that here. We think you will like our solutions but if you don’t you can easily walk away without impacting your budget.

We don’t claim to be prefect but we strive to be the best.  We focus on what really matters.  Our app design, features, cost, service, performance, and security are leading the way….We encourage you to compare us

  • Not Just Tips & Alerts but also Everything Else
  • Over 22 Public Features, all included
  • Annual cost includes every available app feature
  • Future upgrades included
  • Email & Phone support for all
  • Ad Free
  • Free to download, all features included to user
  • Encryption
  • Top Security
  • Amazing Value

10 more reasons to choose us

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The Other Options

“…It cost $50,000 to create the app,…”

“..typically charges universities about $20,000 to design a mobile application..”

“..ad space on your app..”

“..Public safety alerts…. and coupons from merchants..”

“The service costs $5,000 a year for small towns and as much as $25,000 a year for cities of more than 1 million residents”

“…but while the app provides a measure of discretion it does not give complete anonymity.”

“….may also upgrade their accounts to receive customized alerts….for an annual fee….”

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