Designing Technology for Law Enforcement

We understand law enforcement technology and IT. The first thing we look at is how to keep our costs low so that your costs are low. We understand that for most agencies the budget is the biggest issue they face.

The other things that we examine in our products is how we can make them secure yet still perform well. We look at the front and back end of the platform to determine how we can best keep things secure from someone wanting to hack or cause malicious damage. One of the biggest steps we take in that direction is to partner with great companies. We host our servers in a secure data center. While everyone claims that, we actually do. We spend more money than most do on servers and our data center but we think its worth it. Our hosting partner Firehost provides us with a team of dedicated security engineers that constantly monitor our systems, their servers and security are top notch.

After cost and security we consider what you really need in a product, whether its an app or a website. For a police app like MyPD we looked at how we could best build something that had features 99% of departments would want, the same features you would get from a custom app but at a fraction of the cost. We also were considering the public in the design, which is why we decided to put multiple agencies on one app. It better servers the public to take this approach. With websites we look at ease of use, design, and keep future costs low.

We are proud that we took the lead by offering a multi-featured app for law enforcement before anyone else. We continue to work on products like our MyPD app, police websites, secure website hosting, and also develop some other products that are coming soon.