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Is Support Included

Yes, support is included for everything we offer. Support is primarily via support ticket, email, or chat. Phone support is also available if required.

What Is The Cost?

Costs are really low and you get a lot. Our goal is to make costs low but still deliver quality and features. Its why we don’t offer things for free (beware of “free” things, always a catch) On average agencies pay under $1K a year. Smaller agencies have really low costs.

Is My Name In The App Store

This is a question we frequently get, and one that some other companies will use as a reason not to choose us and pay more money. It is basically the only difference they can usually point out. If its worth it for your to pay thousands more for that go ahead but there is not a need to for most agencies. Read more to find out why

How many agencies use MyPD

As of Jan 2014 over 145 law enforcement agencies are signed up or live with MyPD

Do I need to involve IT people on this?

It is up to you but in general no you don’t. WE do everything for the set-up and its easy on your end. The only time we have needed IT is if you have a spam filter blocking the app emails (only has happened twice)

How Do Tips Work?

Tips (commendations and feedback) are all based on topics that you choose. The topic is delivered via email to any officer you like, and can have multiple recepients. We think this is the fastest and most efficient way to get the right information to the proper person to handle it. You can have unlimited topics, and even add or delete them at will.

Are All Features Included?

Yes, we have approximatley 22 features (depending on what you consider a feature) You can use all the features or just choose which ones show on your MyPD app

More Coming Soon…

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