We are a small startup with a small team. We are not a large company, we don’t have investors, and don’t care to overcharge our partners. We believe that we are a civic tech company with a social good mission. We want to provide quality solutions that do what you need but save your budget.

We want to enable and educate police departments to avoid costly software with flashy bells and whistles and a big price tag. Some of those solutions are worth it but many are not. Take our MyPD app for example, it is better designed and a lower cost than many of the copycats out there. (Yes we get copied a lot, some are identical and even copy our text and designs) Police Departments need to educate themselves about software solutions for websites, apps, and more. There are great solutions out there from many small companies that let you spend your budget wisely.

We also have a mission to give your public a great experience. That starts with not forcing them to share their data and control what they share. Don’t fall for “free” things that encourage you to sign up your citizens and department. Nothing is free, we believe you should consider what you are encouraging your public to sign up for. Our solutions strike a balance, low cost, data privacy, top design..

We can always improve and do better, and make strides each year to do just that!

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A group that helps us with our roadmap and products.


Head of Experience

Bringin large brand experience to public safety design



Peter has experience in the public and private sector.



Sarah handles much of the communication with partners.