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Partner agencies can now borrow a pair of Google Glass 2nd (generation) from WiredBlue

In keeping with our mission of furthering police and technology research and development we are proud to offer our customers with the chance to test and use Google Glass at no expense.

Google Glass Police Law EnforcementThere is much hype around glass, and even an article or two already about police using glass. The truth is though that most people have still never seen a pair and there are maybe only a few pairs that police have actually been able to get their hands on. We think it is important for police to get their hands on Google Glass for a few reasons.

  1. To test if wearable technology like Glass, is a good future option to wear while on duty or for training purposes.
  2. Can Glass be worn on duty, safety issues.  Think not only driving but also training with firearms.  You would most likely need to qualify with your weapon while wearing Glass.
  3. Form opinions on the safety of the public wearing Google Glass while driving, etc.
  4. Develop ideas for possible apps for Google Glass in law enforcement.

As previously stated, our second generation Google Glass is available now for our partner agencies and customers to borrow for a period of time to test.  One agency already is testing them out.  Due to high demand that we are expecting the loan time will be between 7 – 14 days.  Which is plenty of time to test them out.

Interested customers should use the new WiredBlue customer support portal to send us your request.  You will need to provide a few details and also agree to give us some feedback on your experience with Google glass.  (if you need portal access email us)

We think wearable technology like Google Glass has some sort of future for the public and for police and law enforcement.  Like many things though we believe it warrants some examination and a balanced view of the positives and negatives of these sorts of technology.

By Peter Olson

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