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MyPD Police iPhone app

MyPD was the first full featured app available to all police.  This app is innovative for its features and pricing, based on a new model of that allows Police Departments to share a resource yet control their own information.  MyPD is providing departments a fiscally responsible way to obtain the latest technology and deliver new communications options to the public.

The MyPD™ Phone App is available for both the iPhone and Android. Participating police departments and government agencies willMyPD Police app receive both versions. The app provides you, members of your community and beyond with many valuable features that put your agency’s resources at the community’s fingertips for 24/7 mobile access.


Social media and the use of new technology have become crucial for police in the 21st century. The public is using smart phones as an addition to, or even in place of, their computers to do such activities as: read current and local news and alerts, report information to police, provide feedback to their agencies, as well as follow and respond to social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter. In a technological, online world, MyPD™ allows police departments and all government agencies to present themselves as accessible, technologically relevant, interactive within the community, quick to respond and easily approachable. All this while being fiscally responsible and using an innovative shared software resource.


2011 Features & Benefits 

    • Facebook, Twitter, News & Alerts. One-touch, convenient access to the most popular social media tools of your department. As well as other links that your department may use.
    • Department Contacts. This includes your welcome message, command staff directory with photos, names, phone numbers & e-mail addresses. All with one-touch access to contact via phone or e-mail.
    • Website. Easy and direct link to your department website.
    • Twitter News Feed. View your latest updates right on the app.
    • Phone. One-touch dialing of your department’s business phone line for effortless contact.
    • Directions. This gives the headquarters address which opens up in the mobile Google maps or equivalent GPS software to give immediate directions.
    • Online Reporting. Provide one-touch access from your app for visitors & citizens.
    • Commend an Officer. Make it easy for the members of your community to recognize the great job of your officers.
    • Inquiry & Feedback Form. Provide more ways for members of your community to give you feedback or request information according to the list of topics you customize.
    • Anonymous Tips.  Citizens can submit information to the officer of your choice with the ability to attach & send photos, helping you to solve crime as well as quality of life issues.
    • Citizen Surveys. We will create custom surveys on whatever topics & questions you desire feedback. You can also link the survey to your social media, websites or e-mails. We will provide you with a personalized report at the end of the survey or whenever you request it. Create up to 5 surveys per year. You can create them based upon special topics or just a general satisfaction survey. This feature facilitates great community participation.
    • No IT Work. All data, servers & support are maintained & completed by Wired Blue, LLC™.
    • Free app for your public to download with no ads!
    • Very low cost to your agency!

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MyPD Police iPhone app      MyPD Police app Android

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