This Police Phone App Is Loaded With Features

Use some features or use them all, its your app!

Click on a feature to learn more..

Citizen Push Notifications

Easily send messages to your app users phones. The user can control push options

Community Surveys

Use our premium survey software to get important community feedback with detailed reporting

Questions and Feedback

This built in form is based on your topics and routed quickly to the correct officer

Anonymous Crime Tips

Topic based and routed to any Officer you like, app users can also attach photo and gps

Twitter Push

App users can opt to receive your twitter messages as push messages


Easily allow app users to find key contacts in your agency with optional photos, touch email and call options

Encrypted Forms

Standard encryption for communication between the app and our servers to ensure privacy

User Options

Users can easily change settings. Opt in to push notifications from multiple agencies

Agency Directions

Directions to your agency are location are automatically placed into your users GPS


The National Terrorism Advisory System posts major alerts, MyPD is hooked into the alert system

Fema Mobile

We have included an option for the useful site from the United States FEMA


Link to your police department facebook page

Latest Tweets

Your twitter feed displayed within the app for users to view and see your messages.  Its easy to follow your news without having a twitter account.

Sex Offender

People are often looking for how to search for sex offenders, use this option for that

Most Wanted

Link to your own local most wanted, or a state or federal wanted website

Download and view all the Features and Benefits of the MyPD app

Wired Blue_MyPD_Phone_feature_and_benefit_V2

News and Alerts

Use this link option for anything you want. Link to your alerts page, press releases, or Facebook

Blog Link

Have a department blog? Send app users to your latest informative blog posts

Jail Link

Use this option to send app users to the local jail information page

User Privacy

MyPD does not collect or request info from app users

Agency Customization

Your photo, name and patch. Use the features you want, and arrange them any way you like.

  1. February 27, 2015

    I am trying to get some information about your app. We are seriously considering using an app, and yours seems to be exactly what we were looking for. Since there is no sense reinventing the wheel, and far too costly to hire someone to build a native or cross-platform app for us, it only seems logical to connect with a company such as yours who has already done the hard work.

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