Features & Benefits of the MyPD Phone and Web App Platforms

We are building with the best partners, on the fastest networks, in the more secure data centers to prepare for the future

Leading Security

secure police appOur platforms reside in a secure hardened network, with redundant firewalls, Multi-level IPS, Intrusion detection system, Application protection, and much more.While nothing is 100% hack-proof, our goal is to implement the best security available.

Better Performance

App Power & SpeedWiredBlue has partnered with the leading provider of premium secure and high speed hosting.  We work with the best engineers to provide a great environment. We strive to make sure our services perform to the highest standards for you.

Support For All

Tech SupportWe provide the best support by email, phone and our support portal to every customer.  You don’t have to pay extra for us to help you.

We are known to go above and beyond with our response and assistance.

Native Apps
native app ios androidWe build native iPhone & Android apps. This means more options and speed. (Facebook just went native)

Content Delivery Network

CDNOur high-end content delivery network(CDN) facilitates globally load balanced distribution of current & future applications.

Next Gen Hardware
servers100% Network Uptime, 100% Infrastructure Uptime, Multiple Location Data Centers.

Private & Secure for Public
MyPD App Secure PrivacyWe utilize standard methods for encryption for messages across the MyPD phone and web apps.

We have strong policies for limited collection of user data and do share any limited data with any 3rd parties.

Globally Diverse IP Network

Global IP NetworkA networkcomprised of seventeen points of presence across five continents helps us survive DNS disruptions of any scale, maximize application performance, and provide a good experience for users.


System Monitoring24×7 Resource Monitoring of all hardware.  24×7 Facility monitoring with biometric access.

24×7 Suspicious network activity and intrusion monitoring

Managed For You

Managed for youYour web & phone app is kept safe and updated with core updates, backups, and optimization. Focus on your agency, we’ll handle everything else.

Vulnerability Audits

AuditRandom vulnerability audits from a 3rd party company.  We review reports, respond to any discoveries, and take needed action.

High Availability

High Availability Police App EnvironmentHardware failover protection enables applications to move automatically from damaged hardware, to a healthy environment instantaneously

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