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Website Design for Police and Law Enforcement Agencies

We believe in designing quality police and law enforcement websites at an affordable cost.  We have platforms we like and use to give you a faster turnaround and content you can easily control.   In most cases we also make your website enhanced for mobile devices.

At Wired Blue we don’t just build your website. We help you to build your online identity.

You have noticed that social media sites are growing rapidly, these new communication technologies represent a huge advantage for reaching out.  Have you considered how Facebook, Twitter or a blog could help give you out?  If you already use them, are they well designed and superior or were they launched without a second thought and it shows?  We will help you do it right and look professional.

Our Process

1.  Conversation

To design your website, we need to discover your message, what makes you different, and where you are going. We want the big picture, so we can fill in the right details and go in the best direction for you

Are there new features or applications you want or need built in? Are there other sites you have seen that you find appealing? What materials and graphics do you have now, are they due for a redesign? Do you think new and updated photos could help? We want you to imagine something great, and we will help you get there.

2.  Design

We put together a site design mockup based on the consultation and our research. If you don’t like the design, or would rather pursue another option we are willing to invest time in designing some other ideas and options. If you do like it we move on to the building stage.Law Enforcement Web Design

We include  an image of what the homepage would look like. In addition, we explain any features we plan on including and why we believe they are necessary.  We want to make sure you include options that put you ahead now and in the future.

3. Site Build

We build you a site that is fast, flexible, and easy for you to edit or add content.  We prefer flexible and fast framework to build sites that will be user-friendly, simple, and future ready.

4.  Follow up, Social Media integration & Strategy

With an ever increasing number of users (Facebook alone adds about 600,000 users per day) it is a simple case of going where the people are.  Twitter is another great way of promoting your agency or business by providing information that is valuable to the general public. Once we have built you a site, we want to help you get it out there and also reach as many people as possible.  We firmly believe it is not about just putting up a page that is static and shows no imagination, the page needs superior content as well as interaction from you.

We want to help you promote yourself and manage your online identity.

Start Today!

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