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The My Police Department app is loaded with features. Connect with your community on their Android or iPhone, with a superior app.


Fast and Secure

fast and secure

Next-Generation Technology. We not only produce superior apps, we build our platforms on fast and powerful solutions. We take security seriously.

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MyPD Police Partners

We strive to provide a great app and top service to all our partners. The MyPD app serves all types of agencies, including school, local, and state.


MyPD continues to add USEFUL features for your agency and your public. We have built our premiere law enforcement app platform from the ground up.

Thoughtfully looking at what citizens want in an app and listening to our partner agencies requests is what drives us forward.

Through 3 versions we have never raised prices for current customers and continue to innovate the field of police apps.

Android is the native phone operating system of many phone providers. We build native apps to run on Android smartphones and tablets. Learn more about what “native” means under the iOS tab.

MyPD is built to run native on Apple’s iOS which powers iPhone, iPads, and iTouch devices. Native apps offer many advantages over “web apps” and we think are better for your users. They are more complicated and expensive to develop but we think they offer more. LinkedIn and Facebook both switched to native apps. It is important to know the difference. You can educate yourself more here https://gigaom.com/2013/06/01/going-native-why-a-veteran-web-developer-finally-turned-to-os-native-apps/

You can track over 10 metrics on your MyPD app. Chart downloads and tips over time. See your top 5 used features. Push subscriber numbers broken down by device type.

We have built a large choice of options for your MyPD app. You can turn on and off whichever ones you want at any time. Editing each option is easy and you have control through your admin panel.

MyPD is the ONLY secure app provider that reduces risk by putting security and compliance first. We believe that law enforcement applications are worth protecting. Its why we use premium secure servers, multiple firewalls, and top 2 factor authentication.

Advancing Your Community:

The Superior Police iPhone & Android Solution

My Police Department (MyPD) is a nativeiPhone & Android app solution that includes Future Upgrades and Bullet-Proof Security plus the freedom to customize the over 30 Features. We are the trusted police iPhone & Android app provider for almost 200 partners from local police to major universities and state agencies.

Your MyPD app is hosted by us and includes a suite of custom options to make your experience better. You can focus on your community and work, we’ll handle most everything else. We are not your typical company. We care about our customers and not just our profit margins…

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  1. November 17, 2014

    I was wondering how I can add the police department I work for in the app for android phones

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