WiredBlue Hosting and Product Security

WiredBlue mitigates complex threats to our network, platforms, and customers by teaming up with the top secure cloud company in the business, and we both believe in an intelligent approach to security.

We have teamed up with Firehost to provide us with the most secure and high performance inferstructure there is.  We have multiple servers in different geographic locations.  This is the same backbone we have built our secure website hosting company FortPress on.

All our cloud servers include multiple layers of enterprise hardware, patched software, and expert system configurations. Specialized security engineers proactively monitor live security data points around the clock. Consultants react quickly to stop potential problems.

WiredBlue’s data centers and procedural practices are designed with superior security:

  • Tier 4 data center security
  • Multifactor biometric access
  • Detailed access audit trail
  • Security monitoring 24x7x365

To manage our highly secure cloud environments we use many tools, some of our security procedures include:

  • Secure remote access (SSLVPN)
  • Two Factor Authentication
  • Site-to-Site L2LVPN
  • MPLS termination

Our customers can manage their secure applications (Like MyPD) with ease:

  • HTTPS portal
  • Username and password
  • 2 Factor authentication via app, call, or text.  With the app you can see the origin IP request location.

Ensuring attacks are limited and points of entry are hardened is important. All our servers are hardened exceeding compliance mandates.

  • Hardened operating systems
  • Constant OS patches and updates
  • Real time Anti-virus
  • Resource availability monitoring
  • Network Event Logging
  • Unnecessary services disabled
  • Password security policies

Blocking malicious activity at the network level prevents malicious traffic from entering our infrastructure. These security measures add protection to WiredBlue’s servers and increase performance by eliminating bad traffic.

  • IP reputation filtering
  • DoS/DDoS mitigation