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First off, hopefully you know what timeline is at this point.  If you don’t please click here 

new facebook timeline changes for company fan pages

We just changed over a few hours ago.  Here is what we noticed so far.

Tabs and Apps have Changed

So one of the biggest changes noticed is that for departments using custom tabs and applications the size and placement of the tabs has changed.  The menu that used to be on the left hand side is gone.  While your applications are still there, they’ll display in the boxes underneath the cover photo.

Only three tab boxes are viewable at any given time. To see more, visitors will have to expand the panel. Obviously those 3 tab boxes will get the most visibility.  This change takes away the nice menu feature many agencies were using for navigation purposes.

Also the size of the tab page has now changed.  For instance, MyPD app customers have a police app tab page that WiredBlue created for them and this used to be set to a certain smaller width.  Now with the new change the app page will not fill the whole allotted area and will display improperly.

*Note for MyPD customers – We are working to fix this and will shortly bring your agency a new police app download page that makes use of all the space now allotted.

Landing Pages are gone

A few savvy departments were creating welcome pages and forcing new visitors to land on a welcome page or something similar, rather than the wall page.  Well that is gone.  Another for the minus column.

You can now “Pin” a favorite post

This will cause the pinned post to be displayed at the top of the page.  Agencies can only pin one post at a time.  So if you have a favorite message or (perhaps an app) you want to display to your public, you could use this as an alternative, to say the top spot on your old menu.


Agencies can now send and receive messages with your users.  So now you have something else to check for on your page, messages from users.  If you are one of those departments that has warnings and disclaimers on your social media pages, you might want to place a disclaimer that you don’t monitor messages 24/7.


Overall there are some positive things but we think brands and agencies are losing a few good features that had worked well.   We are not sure why facebook always has brands and personal profiles so similar.  We would like to see them have different features and layouts but for now the page is very similar to your personal timeline.


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